Luke Milroy Constructions

About our business.

Our company’s history

Beginning in 2013 Luke Milroy began his mission to create a business devoted to renovating and building custom houses in the Central Victorian Region. Upon gaining ground as a reliable and professional builder and designer around town he has won awards for recent renovations in the Bendigo region to place him as a highly sought after builder in the area.

"Luke was open and transparent with all communication including any variances or issues that came up and was able to work within our brief, budget and timeframe."

Building the Future

Working with home builders is a truly rewarding career. Every brick placed is a part of that families home for years to come so the minor details really shine through within a finished project that has been respected through and through.

  • Renovations and Historic Restorations
  • New Homes & Custom Designs

We love hearing from anyone interested in building their next home with us. Reach out for a meeting and we can discuss your goals and ideas.

Basic values of our company are honesty, initiative and quality.